The primary statutory responsibilities of the Budget Management Department are to prepare the annual budget and to assist the commissioners court in the performance of the court’s duties relating to the efficiency and effectiveness of county operations. To accomplish these objectives, the department is organized into several divisions:

Agenda Management

Is responsible for compiling the agenda for Commissioners Court, including all backup documentation and travel requests for court consideration.

Budget & Financial

This division guides county departments in establishing and managing their annual budgets. It also coordinates the investment and disbursement of county funds. Responsible for cash, debt management and arbitrage.

Human Resources & Risk Management

Assists all county departments in managing their employment needs. Responsible for recruitment, compensation, risk management, safety & health, and administration of employee benefit programs. Human Resources establishes personnel policies, employee continuing education and training.

Economic Development

Harris County Economic Development’s mission is to foster economic growth, enhance the quality of life of its residents, and nurture opportunities for a diverse community with a vibrant business climate that is accessible and welcoming to all.

Applied Technology Services

Identifies and implements emerging technologies for improved efficiency and effectiveness, primarily supporting data driven decision-making for county functions.


This division was established to coordinate leadership and initiative in justice system issues. They help identify and implement policies for improving access to justice in Harris County.

Special Projects

Budget Management Department is often tasked by Commissioners Court to perform studies to improve efficiency in operations or use of funds. The Special Projects Division undertakes some of these studies.