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Encouraging efficient resource allocation through development of County budgets that are aligned with the priorities of the community and of elected officials.

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Capital Improvements Program

This CIP raises the bar for justifying projects. To be funded, projects should be well-documented, with clear objectives and outcomes. The framework proposed—a two-stage Commissioners Court approval for each project based on a focused memo—has been developed working with our partners at Engineering, Flood Control, the Toll Road Authority and Universal Services.

Capital Improvement Program


Harris County is committed to transparency in every aspect of its operations and believes that financial transparency and accountability are critical components of good stewardship of taxpayer resources. It is our mission to be an independent and progressive organization that presents accurate, timely, understandable, and readily accessible information for the citizens of Harris County.

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Harris County is responsible for the issuance of the County’s long-term and short-term debt instruments such as general obligation bonds, certificates of obligation, revenue bonds, and commercial paper. These debt instruments are issued to fund capital improvement projects such as road construction, flood control projects, parks, county buildings and facilities, countywide technology and purchase of vehicles and equipment.

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Harris County Allocates portions of its resources with the expectation of generating additional income or profit. The Investment Policy is adopted by the Harris County Commissioners Court as the governing body of Harris County pursuant to the Texas Government Code (Public Funds Investment Act) and Texas Local Government Code. The Policy will be reviewed and adopted by court order at least annually in accordance with the Texas Government Code.

Quarterly Investment Reports


Harris County has a collection of miscellaneous projects, each having their own unique purpose.

Flood Control Bond Program Harris County Toll Road Authority Event Notices filed with EMMA

Current Notices

The links below will be active whenever there are open Requests for Proposals (RFPs) or upcoming bond issuances.

Notice of Intent RFPs for Financial Advisors RFPs for Commercial Paper programs Upcoming bond issuances

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